People adopt abroad for a variety of different reasons. I heard a friend tell a story of a White, upper middle class/wealthy couple who went to some Asian country, gave a woman a bag of cash and took a child from the orphanage. The child was horrified because he had never seen White people before. It was a horrible start for the poor kid I imagine, but I started thinking, why would anyone fly across the globe to get a kid when they can get some here in the foster care system?

I think folks do it for a variety of reasons. Some do it to groom the children as slaves (sex and otherwise), some have a warped conception of what our foster care system is and they think our kids are “fine” and poor kids overseas are more deserving of their efforts, and some people just want a foreign kid — Poverty porn. Some people have backgrounds that are unacceptable here, so they go get a kid from a foreign country with little or no screening process. I think some people love the charitable aspects of it — a savior complex.

I know it is likely a lot easier to just get a kid overseas and bring them to the US than it is to deal with our foster care/child welfare systems. But if you want a child that bad, isn’t it worth the effort? Idk.

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