People should be able to call themselves whatever they like. Just ask them, don’t take the decision into your own hands as if you’re the queen of the victim hood universe. We are always so ready to coin a new label or term for people without their consent. If you like the term victim, then use it. If you like survivor, then use that. And if a new rape victims decides she wants to call the aftermath of her rape a recovery, then so be it. I’ve worked with adult and child victims of rape and sexual assault as well as the federal government’s Office of Violence Against Women for nearly two decades, and someone is always making up some label to call people. There are a lot of other things to get tangled up about in the world than a label given to you by someone you don’t know, who doesn’t care about you, and did not check in with you to see how you as an individual desired to be addressed going forward.

No one has the right to title and define the name of a rape victim’s journey, except him/her.

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