Please share your article Jeff. I don’t know what it’s going to take to get us one page. America and Europe have exported their imperialism and superiority for hundreds of years. People are going to have to be educated on the history of colonialism, how it evolved on white supremacy, and how it’s tainted the entire world. If all the Black, Brown, Non-White folks understood there are more of us than there are White people globally, that could be a great start.

White supremacy loves to divide us. That’s how they conquer us. We need to study history and strategically dismantle white supremacy. It requires coming together and working together. Until each group deals with its anti-Blackness, we all will suffer. White supremacy taught anti-Blackness. We all need to decolonize our minds and learn what’s at stake by staying in bondage.

It’s not that hard, but it requires sacrifice. Most of us hate to admit it, but we hate sacrificing and we don’t want to be uncomfortable either. We’re either freedom fighter or accomplices. It’s our choice.

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