Please tell me why you personally believe this day in 2019 is better for some people than the 50’s? Appalachia is still poor, underserved, and now hooked on pills, meth with low educational levels. It’s been like that. I don’t see Amazon or Trump going there to make it great for them. Neither has anyone else for that matter. But yeah, America is better because rich and well connected White people have opportunities others do not. Nope!

If America is so much better off than it was in the 50’s, then why are unemployment rates so high for Blacks? Why are Black women underemployed and still paid less than White women and men in spite of being the group with more 4-year degrees in America? We are still behind in income equality. How do you explain this?

You confuse speaking truths with whining and crying. You’re a White man so you have the luxury of not seeing barriers and systems that prevent equality for all. As a matter of fact, your comment highlights why inequality thrives. Your refusal to see others and acknowledge this nation was built on hate, labor and wage theft, racial divisions, and a class system rooted in inequality is a problem.

When people tell an American White man something isn’t fair and it needs to change, they immediately push back with the opposition disorder ingrained in them, ready to oppose anyone and anything that says they don’t play fair. They don’t share and it’s evident across the board by the inequities in every American system that exists.

Thanks for validating my point! :-)

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