Powerful Sis! I shall save this and share it in all my networks. I’m the ex wife of a Black family medicine residency recruiter, so your story struck a chord with me in several ways. Being Black, female and having to perform with my Black husband for White gazes to attract smart Black docs to an all White residency got on my last freakin nerves. It ruined our marriage actually.

I wish we did not have to perform and were seen as equal, smart, personable, non-threatening. Human.

I’m glad you’re radicalized. Better late than never.

Welcome. A lot of us have awakened over these past 4-years to see the unvarnished, racist America. Keep sharing our truths. We need that! I’m sure as hell sharing minds, unvarnished and all, starting with all White people are racist.

I don’t care how good they are, they are. Many don’t know, a lot can’t help it. But bring racist (and ignorant about racism) are choices. Being ignorant about racism, especially doctors moving to and fro in the upper echelons of our broken society, is racist. Period.

They are too smart to be so dumb, so they get no sympathy from me. Racism pays, that’s why they engage in it.

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