Preacher sister! I got divorced going on two years ago, but before I called it quits we separated and tried online dating. Oh my goodness. I am just convinced it’s a sham. It’s hard once you get over 40. You have no patience, and we all have baggage. The biggest thing are the games men play. It’s like a candy store. I refused to join another dating site after that experience. I learned alot about myself, and about men. One friend in her 50’s almost fell for the Nigerian PayPal scam.

It’s sad the things we must endure to find companionship at our age. I have no hope for internet dating. There is always some surprise, too much inconsistency and uncertainty, and I have found that men change women online like they change their underwear (they probably change women more I’d say). It’s more about sex for men than the long-term companionship in my experience. I just couldn’t handle the immaturity of that. I loved this essay. You rock you know. You’re a wise, wise woman.

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