Questions. Why does her fears and her concerns need to impact innocent people minding their business trying to live? Who said her fears should take precedence? Why does her safety come before the safety of a man? Her wrong assumption or accusation can literally ruin a man’s life (and they have). Women like this have the right to fear or be concerned about whatever they want, don’t get me wrong. It’s their prerogative.

What they don’t have the right to do in my opinion is injure others with their biases, unwarranted fears, false assumptions, racism, sexism as if those things don’t have an impact on those they inflict that mess upon. If they fear people, then then should stop living. We’re everywhere and we shouldn’t have to modify our lives to comfort their White fragility.

It’s not fair to others, and it’s a product of White Supremacy. I don’t want that problem in my life. I have enough obstacles to navigate in life simply being born Black, my sons because they were born males.

Those types of women just need to get a grip, period.

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