Remember structural racism?

Remember institutional racism?

Remember voter suppression?

Remember gerrymandering?

Remember slave catchers, today’s modern policing?

Mayor Pete has missed all the opportunities to do good in his own community before attempting to run for national office. He has shown too many times he doesn’t know America well. Time and time again, Mayor Pete has fluffed his resume for this moment, doing what millions of privileged, mediocre, short-sighted, greedy, aspirational, White men have done before him. When we stop reacting to all forms of racism from Whites when they start dealing with their and stop dishing it.

Miss me with your short, simple synopsis of Mayor Pete. He may be good, and he may be nice, but he’s no leader for all people. Nothing in his resume speaks to that lie. Don’t be pissy with me about Pete, be pissy with Pete because he chose to run at a time When Blacks and people of color are dealing with aggressive racisms in all forms, and those Whites with no experience serving Blacks who cannot rise to the challenge. We see through them like counterfeit $20 bills. We aren’t taking those loses in 2020.

And you can’t make him be what he’s not. Nice try though.

Sorry, not sorry!

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