Reminds me a lot of R. Kelly. Child stars with talents and stunted growth and development. Something is wrong with that entire family. Makes me think dad did more than beat those kids! Having been abused — there are some things you just know. These people give us so many clues — yet we love our celebs. We’re always looking for a hero. Always searching for a leader. We don’t know how to separate the man and his art/gift. We have this terrible idea we can’t believe people can be bad. People can’t do good things and be bad people. That conditioning allows people to be preyed upon.

I always believed the kids. Especially when they suddenly disappeared after the allegations and investigations. What makes me angry are the kids who pimp their kids and the parents who love fame so much they would put their kids in vulnerable situations with strangers. R. Kelly, MJ…you name it. Parents put fame and money over their kids’ well-being. Most grown sane people are not trying to deal with their own kids. A grown man wanting to keep company with little boys is weird. A man with all the kid trappings is nothing more than a fly trap trying to catch his flies.

We need to wake up and stop being so naive about people. We also need to understand why we have so many mentally ill people walking around repeating this vicious cycle of abuse. It will manifest itself whether you want it to or not. We need to deal with these evils and perversions. No child should be sacrificed to wolves the way we sacrifice kids.

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