Same here Sis. I'm almost 50 and the only time I've ever seen us with such urgency was with the HIV/AIDS epidemic, but it took years and White men being treated FIRST before they came to our communities. By the time they had arrived or at least figured out it kills us more than Whites, the virus had killed off thousands of Black men and women.

That was a case of medical racism too.

The only reason They want us to take the vaccine is so THEY can be safe, so THEY can travel. So THEY can use our labor to move about this country, because without Black and Brown healthy bodies, White America stops.

This thing is about the economy, and we drive it. Some of us know it. They aren't going to sacrifice us first then we die from something else and they still won't have addressed racism.

Honey, I'm about to write another piece about the harassment about the matter, because it's on 10.

The comments are all the same. Most White people in the comments are fixated on misinformation, Black folks are fixated on medical racism and trust.

It reveals why we can't get anything done about White people. They focus on the wrong stuff. Misplaced priorities derails many a plans. Thanks for sharing your feelings about this controversial topic. We deserve to have autonomy over our bodies and minds. If they aren't going to protect us, we cannot allow them to hurt us.

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