Seriously, if you read this and saw it as a threat instead of advice, it's for you and your ass didn't listen.

I know I did a great job, I don't your approval. White men like yourself (if you're real) believe you have the right to invade all spaces and say what you will. Clearly you didn't read the section about being fucking quiet! You didn't do that party buddy.

Get your emotional intelligence up. Because you were disturbed didn't mean you needed to invade my space to let me know about it.

If Black people talking was a trap for White people, the majority of you would be caught because you just can't help yourselves. Always minding Black business like colonizers have always done.

You just harmed me with your comment and failure to center my needs and desires. I feel threatened.

So, fuck you sir. Go hound White people and worry about White people stuff.

Be best,

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