😂😂😂 she has a right to be bitchy. The lady’s husband has berated her and husband for decades. She stole her speech abd didn’t give her credit (twice), and Melania was bitchy when she went to Michelle and Baracks White house before the transfer of power. Gotta love it how some White folks can’t ever see how their behavior towards Black women makes them bitchy. They should be grateful they only get bitchy and stank faces considering the loads we must carry. Even when we are minding our own business they are fucking with us. Bitchy and stank face is always in order for that bullshit. What he needs to do is redirect and examine White Supremacy in loud, racist, lying, egotistical, obnoxious White men like himself, and why they feel people of color must bow down to Whites like as if they are royals regardless of how they are treated. Some things never change, and some old dogs never die.

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