She's the leader, and continues to raise her hand for the job. So yes, the entire is problematic to me. The CBC, the House, Pelosi, Clyburn, Schumer, etc. I called her out because she's the leader of the House and the face of the Democratic Party. She should accept responsibility for complaining about the slogan without addressing the concerns of the people in the street which centers Black people.

I've literally not had anything good to say about any of them for four years, but she's the leader of the party and the face of it so the buck stops with her. Perhaps if she'd pass the torch, maybe someone else could get some of the blame. They all are professional politicians, playing games with people's lives.

Pelosi revels in White feminism, challenging patriarchy (though she'd say otherwise) and White Supremacy. I call out what I see as her lack of messaging for the moment we were in before Black folks were co-opted by Defunding the Police. Pelosi missed an opportunity as the leader and complain because he lack of desire to engage to win resulted in some House losses. As the leader, she gets all the smoke she deserves.

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