Should is the key word. I believe if every mother did, we would have fewer killings of young people by White cops and White people.

The mothers of racists and murders would smother those two evils before they grew into full fires no one could put out. These mothers should do this, but they don’t. They just love their evil kid right where they are — until they kill our sons.

Mothers shouldn’t allow their monster spouses to indoctrinate their beautiful children with hate, White supremacy, and White superiority complexes so they can grow up to think it’s ok to harm innocent Black children for no reason at all. These mothers shouldn’t do this. But they do and they stay.

Wives of cops, police, and security officers who have children should remind their men to treat all they encounter with kindness — and to treat children in the street like he/she treats their children at home — even if they are suspects or figments of their scary imaginations. These should do this, but they don’t.

White mothers shouldn’t have so much apathy about non-white children’s well-being, but they do.

And that’s why my beautiful friend Sherry had to write such a heart wrenching piece of art. Everything that gives life should care about all things that have life — but they don’t.

So Black children die

Black mamas cry

The world can’t see our pain

And no one remembers our loved ones name — Except for Sherry K!

Thank you for remembering ❤

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