Sigh! Yes, Shambhavi Sarasvati this happens far too often. Whiteness gets upset and recentered, nothing gets solved. I read once there was a class where White angst turned into an entire movie, crying and the works. The Black people and people of color in the room had to look away so that the White women in the room could deal with racism instead of expecting the people they’d harmed to take care of them. It was a very productive class. We must learn how not to center their tears and angst. It’s a tool used to disarm us in an effort to avoid taking responsibility for their behavior. It’s like having children but never teaching them any lessons.

There are far worse things happening in the world than being called a racist. I don’t have much sympathy for the angst and tears. We have it far worse, our feelings are hurt more often, and soft racism kills us faster. We need to stop centering Whiteness and teach them how detrimental that behavior is to us. Whiteness doesn’t have to be the center of every situation. Thanks for chiming in on another burden People of Color must carry.

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