I’m so sorry you were laid off. These are the kinds of stories I’m fearing next. The layoffs are going to have a devastating effect on our lives. I’m fully aware of the uncertainty you’re experiencing having been laid off in 2008 during the financial crisis. That led me to become self-employed. I found ways to piecemeal a hustle and by golly it worked. Are you an educator? Let me know I may have something for you.

As far as the kiddos go, you’re never done worrying about them. I would be worried too about how my child would be able to stay safe when their roommate is deemed essential and being placed in harm’s way. It’s impossible to be comfortable with your baby unsafe. We’re givers of life, it’s our job to protect.

My son is working from home now and his roommate is just home, being distracting 🤣. The rommate’s not working. Let’s just say it’s interesting, but I still worry.

I don’t know when the threat will be over but I love NC and I can’t wait to come visit. My baby’s in Charlotte and I love Asheville. My ex had family sprinkled throught NC and we always had fun on our scenic road trips. When the air is clear I’m definitely taking you up on that offer.

So many people aren’t practicing social distancing and not wearing face coverings I don’t think this is ever going to end. And with 50 states doing 50 things, honey we’re just seeing what real piss poor leadership does for the people.

We will get through this. You’re a country gal now. I know you know how to survive. Love on your tribe. Stay connected. This too shall pass. Love ya and I’m going to send you some things.

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