Sis, I had to hold my breath while she was talking. I think I'm immuned to it. Forensic child interviewing teaches us not to show our emotions when children are sharing their feelings or disclosing their abuse. This child was disclosing a form of psychological abuse that she'll never forget. To watch my grandbaby express her feelings in that way was very empowering but really sad. I can't imagine what it must be like living in an enviornment so toxic and mentally unhealthy. I just don't understand some people.

I wished you were closer too. I hate Florida. I'm looking at moving soon. The racism and segregation here are just too much. I know I can't outrun it, but I'd like to be in a place where the actions of the people align with the words of the people. This whole living in paradise among rich racists, poor racists, and stupid racists has my mind messed up. You did good leaving here.

Maybe when outside opens up we can plan a Medium sister gathering or something. We really need to link up. I love ya sis and thank you for caring about us so much. It makes me feel so good.

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