Sis, is this hill you wanna die on? Let me break this down for you.

  • Like for instance I believe that a person who works hard for themselves deserve the money they earned. (I believe the same thing)
  • I don’t think they should be taxed more because they become successful. (So you think poor people who have less money should pay taxes so rich people can keep their money and poor people have less of a chance to move out of their tax bracket. You believe poor people with less money should be taxed more so you can drive on the highways, pay more for gas and food even though they have less money, pay more in automobile taxes than rich people pay for yachts or homes. This leads to why schools are funded inequitably and why the rich have the best and the poor have shit). This is what you’re saying you believe in.
  • I don’t think it’s smart to allow the government to pay or give hand outs to those who can’t afford but I do think in order for that to happen everyone should be able to afford to be independent or make enough money at any job whether it’s fast food or a lawyer (If I recall correctly you’re Hispanic (forgive me if I’m wrong), maybe you’re possibly descendants of immigrants who benefitted from handout. So, let’s say when immigrants come here handouts help them transition. Handouts help refugees start businesses through grants and loans (that’s taxpayer money=handouts). People who use government insurance and work to include women who use Medicaid to deliver babies, get kids for shots so they can get their kids into public school (oh yeah public school is a handout to raise future taxpayers if your didn’t know), get food stamps even if they are poor and they go to the elderly who may have worked all of their lives but don’t draw enough social security or pension to sustain them because the cost of living rises. You don’t believe farmers should receive handouts when they vote for asswipes who impose tarrifs which causes their products to not be purchased. You don’t support public transportation. You believe people Trump and Kushner should get grants (federal taxpayer money) to help them reviatlize properties they buy to sell and lease to rich people because they are rich. They don’t need handouts, right? You believe it’s okay for employers to pay people pennies so they can be rich (because that’s how the rich get rich) and we live on pennies, need to apply for welfare and food stamps (i.e. like Walmart employees).
  • We should all be able to live comfortable. (I agree, but comfort is overrated and never clearly defined. Every person has their own definition of comfortable.)
  • Democrats prey on the vulnerable and make lots of money off keeping the poor poor. (Not even going to respond to this Fox News GOP talking point. I have written about the lowest White Man speech and Southern Strategy too many times to count. While both parties scam, clearly you don’t know the history of the Republican party/Dixiecrats/former Democratic Party before the parties switched AFTER the Civil Rights Era .)
  • With republicans the sky is the limit for white people mainly white men but this needs to apply for black people too. If this did happen low income housing wouldn’t exist. Black people could move freely and with that better schools for kids (You sound just like Cubans and other Hispanics, not addressing this either).

I am really saddened (but not shocked) that you believe these things. Clearly you must be rich or believe in the America that shits on me while they hold the door open for you because you believe what White Supremacists believe. Hope that works out for ya, and if it does, I hope you can sleep with yourself at night.

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