Sista, you have put the nail in this sad coffin on this here day! I’m a Carolina girl all my life, so I am fully aware of how our last names tell a story. I know Northam is lying about his knowledge of his history because in the South, people in small towns tend to stay put for generations. We know our history even when white men and women try to conceal it, white wash it, or simply make it disappear. Last names open doors for White folks in the south who have owned plantations and slaves.

The only reason these men get to lie today is because they’ve gotten rid of all the old journalists who could call them out on their bullshit and hired these young babies raised up on whitewashed education and perhaps a little intimidated/afraid of questioning their subject. Let alone taking the time to do their own research so they could counter lies told.

You’re right. No one is fooled anymore by the fake tears and ignorance.

Thanks for reading and this grand history lesson! I love my readers!!!! They are the best.

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