Sister Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You went in with both barrels, did a 187, came out, did a TKO, then sat on the curb waiting for the Po Po to come pick you up. I was channeling Cardi B’s Bodak Yellow when I was reading this.

White people have been served. Nothing is going back to the way it was, especially the way most Black people respond to White violence, injustice, inequity, and racism. Warrants have been issued for the crime, and justice is waiting to be served. Who the prosecutor and judges are is TBD. All I know is that Black people will be serving justice.

Me included. I have my bail ready, I have my guns loaded, I have my attitude on fleek. I’m not turning anymore cheeks, and I’m not giving anymore chances for willfully ignorant sociopaths. I have instructed my sons to do the same. Whatever happens, mama is coming to see about ya. Periodt.

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