So, let me get this straight. ACLU writes a piece about how White people are profiling Black students and students of African descent on college campuses, in Starbucks, etc., but puts the onus on the Black victims to do something else or to do more to stop it? The “road map” you created basically asks Black people to go find White people who are allies to help them with a problem that’s not theirs. It’s insensitive and not trauma-informed.

Do you realize how ridiculous this is? It’s like asking a rape victim raped by a man to ask men prone to rape not to rape anymore.

ACLU, you too are a part of the problem. You should have created a road map for the offenders (White people) to go find Black people so they can learn about them and not be so scary for no good darn reason. Make a road map to teach them how to mind their business and to stop making life difficult for others by calling the cops on us for minding our business doing things like going to school, barbecuing, using a pool, or walking into our apartment building. Police have real jobs, not to waste time entertaining their fears, personal preferences, and inferiority complexes.

Create a roadmap to teach White people the real purpose of 9–1–1, when they should use it, and the costs associated with misuse since they clearly seem to not know something so elementary it should have been taught in their homes or in school.

The ACLU should create a roadmap that helps victims of bias and racism, not add one more stressor to their lives. How about aid victims to sue folks for harassment to stop this foolishness? Nothing stops people like lawsuits and losing money.

Your roadmap is insensitive, it’s not trauma informed, and tells Black people yet again another American institution values White lives over the Black ones, or at least that’s the appearance. Let White people do some heavy lifting for a change!

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