So, where is your assessment of White people and crimes White people commit? White collar or otherwise. You were the one who mentioned Roger Stone getting arrested by “overzealous” FBI agents. He threatened someones animal, and there is physical evidence of it. He also threatened other witnesses. And since his crimes are federal witness tampering, he gets the same treatment any other perceived threat gets.

But back to White people. My essay was about financial corruption in the GOP, and you felt the need to rant about Roger, a totally irrelevant person/subject on money in politics. Then, after I tell you Roger has privilege even through his ties to the criminal justice system, you come back with stuff about Black people

Nobody is giving the police boy scout medals. They have been recorded time and time again misbehaving, lying, and harming people without power and privilege. They even use their power, weapons, and privilege to kill their own families. So again, I don’t care about Roger Stone or anyone who commits crimes that get them tangled up in their underwear with feds.

I already know how the system works for your folks, so we know no justice will be happening. About those innocent people cops kill though….

I made sure I picked a few sources from Fox, just to be balanced you know, because one of us needs to be fair and balanced in this discussion. Police kill innocent people all the time. Those people never get their day in court. I have no sympathy for Stone. He spent his life doing dirt, he should expect it would come back before he dies.

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