Some men and their egos won’t allow them to see the sun. Joe suffers from what all the career-politicians suffer from in DC. Greed and narcissism. No one leaves their poor, ever. They always leave better off than when they came. And we keep voting for it.

You have power, you get paid to not work, you get to engage in self-dealing…legally. Your article gave me some food for thought. I really like Joe, but as you mentioned in your piece, Joe is too the status quo White guy. He doesn’t represent change. He doesn’t represent progressiveness. He doesn’t represent youthfulness, growth, or America. Joe represents everything that’s wrong with our political system. Sadly, I think I’m willing to risk the stability of Joe knowing that he represents the thing that appeases the “White working class,” who run our voting systems in America. Taking a chance on anything otherwise gets us 4 more years of dumbo.

Sadly, white people are so predictable, and they love what they love. Joe Biden maybe dated, but he’s safe. Joe is the over-correction for the White population’s desire to Make White America Great Again and choosing Trump. I have no faith men are interested in a female leader. In the end, we will all lose.

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