Some people have had the privilege to be assholes in public. Study our national history. Slave Codes, Black laws, Black Codes, Jim Crow, and segregation (separate and unequal) have been the model for how White people treated Black people. So excuse me if I hate your message as well.

You cannot discount where I live, and my life because it doesn’t fit your views.

You can only speak from your privilege view point, and I’m speaking from my marginalized one. I agree good manners are timeless. If they are so important, why is it that White people are raising so many disrespectful people? You’re the ruling majority, correct? Create the society you describe and people like me won’t be complaining about how White people treat us.

You’ll write me a long paragraph about disagreeing with my views, but say nothing about microaggressions as if they don’t exist. Typical.

We will never end racism if White people can’t even acknowledge the privileges they have to be racist assholes. Thank you for validating my points though.

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