Sounds like my friend’s 15 year old daughter. She started watching youtube videos of some White girls then all of sudden she decides she wants to be vegan. Then she went from that to vegetarian. Then no sugar…but sugar sometimes. Then no dairy, sometimes yes. You buy all this expensive shit to eat and she decides she doesn’t like it, or want meatless products that make the entire house smell like cooked dog food. Oh yeah, now she eats fish too (it’s alive right?).

Let’s not talk about how condescending she is to her siblings about what they eat. Suddenly she’s a professor on food at 15. Her parents tolerate her bullshit running out buying expensive foods catering to her every whim. Like you, I question this child eats what she wants when she feels like it. It irritates me to no end and I find myself not wanting to be around her because of how she acts about her food preferences.

Last year she would woof down a burger with no problem like she did for her first 10 or so. Now she’s Mother Teresa and on the PETA train. I’m glad to know I’m not the only person put off by these types of people. I would dare say they have other issues. Many of these women need attention, they have low self-esteem, and I would say from what I have observed in a few others I know some type of mental health issues/personality disorder.

Sounds like a divorce was in order. Good for you!

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