Spoken like a good dad. It’s very difficult to get out of these situations. I’m nearing 3-years out Mike, but I’m slowly recovering. These varied situations changed me. I’m a little more cynical, and a lot more of a realist about people and myself. I’m tougher than I was before, and less trusting. It takes some self examination and self determination to leave and start over. It also takes intent to not end up in the same situation again. I’m happy your daughters got out. I hoped they survived and recovered well.

While I realize I’m never too old to learn, this is a lesson I wish I could have skipped. Sometimes you don’t learn who people really are until you’re in too deep. And sometimes people hide behind a mask until you say I do. It’s hard to prepare a daughter to deal with such broken, evil and mentally unstable men. It’s really not natural. Thank you for reading and for being able to relate to this personally. Many of us go through, it’s just hard to share because the goal we’re all shooting for is perfect.

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