Stories like children being treated like adult criminals is triggering for me too. We can’t send kids to school without worrying whether those responsible for them throughout the day are treating them well. The biggest crime is always the coverups.

As for my day, it ruined 2 entire days for me. After sitting down and talking to some of the Black, White, and Native American colleagues here, we found we all had been treated differently, with the Brown and Black people (women in particular) treated the worst. We’ve all decided to complain about this place to management and to our contractor who does the logistics for our stays. The U.S. Department of Justice is a loyal Marriott customer, I’m sure they would rather clean house than have a record of not doing anything about racist front desk reps.

I ended up having another terrible interaction with one of the other ladies yesterday when it came time for the room change. When our group sat down last night for drinks, the Black guests all were second guessing their experiences and each of us were relieved we weren’t misjudging the two women. Indeed what we experienced was discrimination based on race and sex. My stay is ruined, and knowing more of my sisters endured this internal trauma makes things much worse. Our White colleagues were quite happy to complain as well about the injustices they were not party too. It showed them a totally new way to experience racism/discrimination.

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