Stories like these make me wonder why some of us are given the strength to carry the burdens and struggles of so many others in our lives. This was a very sad story. You’re a great story teller too.

Addiction is a motherfucker. It runs in our family too, like mental illness. It skipped my generation. I have a kid that’s an addict. My dad is an addict. My mom and dad are mentally ill. I’m fine, except the scars left as a result of being born into the wrong family I suppose. I worry constantly that I’m going to either develop some personality disorder or mental illness or become an addict.

The signs are always there, you’re right. I always knew my parents were crazy. I used to say it all the time. No one listened because they didn’t witness the madness themselves. My dad says I caught him using before…I don’t remember. All I remember is the violence and mood swings. Funny how addiction and the mental illness of others impact the signs we notice. I’m sorry addiction as impacted your life so much. May you receive a reprieve from carrying the bags and burdens of others someday.

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