SUPERB! The only thing is that today’s GOP are the former party of Dixiecrats and Dems before the parties and their platformed switched because of Whites in the party choosing to support civil rights. That party…whatever the name in 2018 has ALWAYS stood for White power, bigotry, division, classes, racism, and inequality. They just dialed their bullshit back after Black folks started fighting back (because the root of the issue is that these evil people are scary and scared of everything ya know despite being the biggest, most evil devils). This type of blatant racism is the kind my grandma who just turned 90 and my dad who just turned 70 experienced. They predicted this if Trump was elected, and they’ve never let the guards down.

I don’t think their little racist party will cease to exist. It will evolve into something else like it’s done throughout America’s history as good White people fight with good Black and Brown people against racist Whites and ignorant Brown people seeking that ever fleeting stamp of approval called Whiteness.

You put another one to bed mamacita. The GOP voters' secret is out of the bed (for good)!

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