THANK YOU!!! I beat that clap button on the truth bomb you dropped! I was feeling a type of way about how #MeToo was hijacked, and how Ms. Burke has said she doesn’t even recognize the movement that she created a decade ago because it’s been hijacked by showboating famous, wealthy White feminist. Anita Hill barely mentioned while Dr. Ford’s pain is eloquently described. Trust Black women no context, solidifying we must be strong therefore we need no help!

We “trusted” Rose McGowan and look how that shit turned out.

The outrage is never there for the Black and Brown women who were put in vulnerable positions by rich White (or White passing) men. We need to have a discussion about trust. And White women need to be included in this discussion. White women refuse to acknowledge the oppressive powers of the misogyny and neglect by white women in Hollywood like Rose McGowan, Asia Argento, Gretchen Carlson, Megyn Kelly, and all the rest of the White women from Main Street do not exemplify the spirit, intent, diversity, and inclusiveness of what true feminism is supposed to be all about. White apathy is killing us Women of Color…and trust has A LOT to do with it!

Trust…we need to talk about that!

I’m happy I’m not alone in my feeling about the matter. White feminism is indeed White supremacy in fancy heels and lipstick, and how in the hell do you trust THAT!

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