Thank you. A lot of White people are getting ready to experience what it’s like to live Black, and they aren’t going to make it.

They’re not going to be free to go where they want to go. They won’t be able to get the care they believe they deserve. Some White stranger may very well be responsible for determining whether they live or whether they’ll die. They have no clue what that’s like.

White folks will have no control over their incomes. The government is going to fuck them just like they fuck the rest of us. Been there, done that.

White folks are going to lose some stuff, and no one is going to care. There will be fewer slots for their kids in the best schools to learn how to become mediocre, fragile adults. They are going to learn about how competitive life is, except they’ll be competing with each other. Black folks already know about this life. We are exceptional at this gladiator sport.

White folks are going to learn their White brothers, grandparents, bosses, sisters, mamas and daddies, teachers and preachers, friends, grandmas, and aunts made a huge mistake when they thought they were erasing the legacy of that Black man who made it to the White house.

Those ditches they dug for Mexicans, Blacks, Jews, and Muslims are quickly becoming their graves.

This downturn is real and it is scary, but you’re right, it is not unique. This pandemic is representative of life everyday for Black people. There is always an invisible enemy lurking snatching or disrupting our lives. Whiteness is just like the Coronavirus.

Thank you for breaking it down.

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