Thank you Charles. I am tired of the way America polices unfairly. The system is rotten. I have friends who are retired. I know for a fact they would never treat people inhumanely, kill someone, choke a man out, and were decent people. These folks worked with criminals and sociopaths, the kind of predators I fought against. The unfairness and injustice took the option off the table for me. America is rotten from top to bottom.

I see how upper middle class communities are policed compared to Black communities. I see more crimes committed, zero cops. Community patrolling is biased. Policing is a driver of inequality. It’s an institution that needs to die.

I am all for making police social workers or at least taking away their weapons and power to use force. Cops often escalate situations unnecessarily because they have an agenda. Most situations police respond to don’t need their response at all.

I just don’t know how anyone could do it (be a cop). I know its a job but geez…The few years I worked in the system as an advocate and saw how it worked I knew I wanted no parts of it. The system didn’t work the way it was designed and in my role as advocate I knew I couldn’t fix anything. I was always honest with clients.

After seeing the disappointment in their faces because I had to tell them they wouldn’t get justice, I left. I also worked with a local reporter to expose the system. Guess what happened? The system attacked the advocate with no power.

Leaving was the best decision I ever made in my life. I respect folks working the government gig and getting the pension, but you can’t escape the brothers in blue. It’s hard for me too. Leaving on my own means I don’t need to seek atonement for my sins. I also don’t have any regrets. The system is rotten and I couldn’t be apart of the dysfunction.

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