Thank you Chris. My aim really is to teach and bring understanding. I really appreciate you taking the time to express your sincerity about learning and understanding the words we express is how we deal with our trauma. Most readers become inflamed at the initial reading of our words, never taking the time to read them two times or more so they could get another view. We gotta live together, we need to learn to take care of one another better. If we can’t say what makes us feel bad, then how do we get better? Being turned down for a job because of your race or being disrespected while out taking care of basic business like checking into a hotel room is much worse than being called a racist. It takes time to get people to see the difference, and that’s okay. Self-evaluation is the best way to get that understanding. I thank you for reconsidering some of your positions and hearing me out. We just don’t want to be harmed is all.

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