Thank you. Lol, well that’s good to hear younger White people get it. Unfortunately the way the power structures are set up, the racist Whites maintain a stranglehold on the system, making it nearly impossible for those poor souls to remain good. They in some way shape or form taint good kids who really do want to do good and be fair. White Supremacy is like a classroom bully who scares everyone to join in with him/her.

I’m thankful good White people are listening and those interested in changing. What scares me is that bad ones overrule the good ones too often. Good White people’s influence and footprints should be increased and visible to minorities. When that happens, we can take a rest. Until then, we are just going in circles.

Buy Our Human Family’s “Field Notes For Allyship, Achieving Equality Together,” the new tool for allies available at| I 🖤

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