Thank you. Many in the LGBTQ community forget they have a skin privilege the rest of us do not. Just like they are White before they are gay, I’m Black FIRST before I’m gay. It’s easy to forget that, but also disrespectful. Like White Feminism, the White LGBTQ community had themselves placed in the Civil Rights act specifically watering down the Act originally meant to protect us Black folks.

We have fewer protections because we have to share with so many groups, including White people who have more White men and women, regardless of protected class, who will have more privilege throughout their lives than any Black person will.

You’d think they’d be more understanding and in turn thoughtful in exuding that privilege.

As a result of fewer protections for Blacks, we are killed by our state and federal governments. I really wish folks could get that. Thanks for your allyship brother. It’s so frustrating so many White people don’t get it.

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