Thank you Elaine. This doll example is precisely the type of thing I’m referring too. I’ve seen one in person. I live in the South. I thought why on earth would someone make something so ugly when I first laid eyes on it. I was very young. My parents taught me what it was and what we represented I never inquired about it again. I knew it was bad. I’m happy you unlearned the tradition of passing racist dolls to your children.

I know kids are taught racism. Most Black kids are taught all white people aren’t bad — but too many are. We grow up trying to think the best of Whites, but they do so many micro aggressions and macro-aggressions over a Black person’s lifetime, you just assume there is more than just not being taught. As long as people think there is nothing wrong with joking about racism and that it’s a childish right of passage for White folks, it’s here to stay.

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