Thank you EtienneJ for reading and responding. I appreciate it.

You, are right to a degree. She’s been taught nothing about liking sex most times. We are taught to be ashamed of our bodies. Not only that, everything we do with men and our bodies lead to bad things (rape, diseases, early pregnancies, slut shaming). When you get these negative explanations about men and sex, there is no good reason for having it. Most of our info about sex comes from our families, which are often extremely biased. So indeed, many women will get married and lose interest in sex. They got what they wanted/needed. No need to put out anymore.

My hypothesis also doesn’t take into account women with vaginal reproductive issues. They don’t enjoy sex because it hurts. This is a lose/lose for all involved. The men can’t be satisfied, and the woman that desires to be with someone and loved has issues because the primary thing that keeps couples connected (sex), she can’t realistically provide.

Sex is important, it’s valuable, and it’s high on the priority list of needs for men. The sooner women desiring relationships with men understand sexual needs and can be honest about drives, desires, prior experiences, likes/dislikes, the better relationships would be in my opinion.

I enjoyed your samples. You’re spot on oh wise one!

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