Thank you for reading and adding your experiences Karen. I’m sorry you’re the victim of workplace bullying. Usually female bullies have a keen sense about those of us who possess empathy. These women work diligently to snuff us out. Quite interesting watching the givers of life work so hard to figuratively snatch life from other women so callously as if it’s a sport.

Women get away with being bullies in the work place all the time, and we just kind of shrug it off. Feminists are the worst. They are so busy trying to be like men, they’ve taken on some of the ugly characteristics many men possess sadly.

I dreaded going to my job every day when I worked in sexual assault because it’s over represented by White women. Lots of mean ones, know-it-all ones, unstable ones, volatile ones, backstabbing and undermining ones, ones who won’t play nice no matter how hard you try, and there were plenty of female bullies in spaces meant to be supportive to women and victims of sex crimes.

Even the way they White women treated victims of color was often biased. I agree with you and one of my other commenters White men do these things to us all. White White women are the biggest victims of this stuff due to proximity. I suppose it’s natural for some of those ugly traits to be passed onto White women.

What I don’t understand is why they don’t break the cycle of violence and abuse?

I was abused, but it doesn’t make me want to abuse anyone else. It made me want to help and heal others.

I was raped, but it doesn’t make me want to rape men. I wanted to help victims of rape and incest.

I was verbally abused, it doesn’t make me talk unkindly to people all those I can go there when you cross that line and if one deserves it. I try to be kind, mindful my words matter when I’m around others.

Being poor makes me want to help others not be poor. It doesn’t make me want to be rich and gatekeep. I find meaningful ways to encourage people to move upward.

I don’t know why these types of White women can’t look at how they treat others collectively and do better every where in the world. They are toxic and literally helping to make us sick.

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