Thank you for reading and agreeing with the ending of our silence. ❤

️Sadly, when we speak, we are silenced — even on platforms like Medium. Medium, like many other White run, liberal media outlets give White people (or people who pass as Whites) premium billing and features to discuss racism — an experience they can’t talk about. We are deterred when we are silenced by the gentleman we’ve been going back and forth with in this piece. We are tired of carrying the world’s burdens.

We’re trying to survive this different but same place we find ourselves in. Additionally, we tend to have to fend for ourselves. Rarely do we have men of color hoping in when we are being accosted online or in person. We are attacked on all sides so oftentimes, we are simply choosing the battles to fight. Sometimes, people bring us a battle, other times, it’s a matter of preservation. In any event, our anger is at a tipping point. From neglectful feminist movements, White privilege, fragility, Supremacy, and apathy, to racism, to our broken and biased criminal justice system, and men — bad men, we’ve had enough and we’re speaking out about it. What do we have to lose. When we speak — nothing changes. When we are silent — nothing changes. So I speak for I have nothing to lose.

I’m not being silent anymore. I am happy that people have noticed we’ve been patient, docile and submissive for 400 years. Enough is enough.

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