Thank you for reading and funny you should say that. My father grew in per-segragation and he had all kinds of stories about White people that had done harm to him and other Blacks. Those people when on to become leaders for a long time in his community. Of course they became cops, but they also went on to become state representatives. He has never trusted White men, and I don’t care how nice or good they show themselves to be, he has always believed they were cruel, selfish, greedy, and at the drop of the dime would lose integrity to protect their wealth and power. He is 70 now, and he maintains the same position.

I used to think my dad was mean, wrong, racist, and old-fashioned. I thought that he was just living in a different time. Now, I see exactly what he meant. Because we are able to eat with Whites, go to school with Whites, and worship with Whites, many Blacks post Civil-Rights Era believed that racism was getting better. Like you, I see we were fooled. Racism evolved and is as prevalent than ever.

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