Thank you for reading and I agree with all that you’ve said, but what do we do? The party takes us for granted. It’s like being sick, going to the same doctor, getting a diagnosis and a prescription. We pay the doctor, but we don’t get healed, we continue going back, seeking help, paying for the service, and nothing happens. At some point, you learn the doctor: (1) doesn’t care for you, and (2) isn’t concerned about curing you. You can continue to go the same doctor getting the same result, or maybe you can read some books on home cures and try to cure yourself.

In any event, we cannot continue to do the same thing. We cannot continue to expect different results. We cannot ignore our own health. I’m choosing to take care of myself, because my government refuses to. The party continues to tip-toe around race, and candidates continue to pander to White voters. It’s the elephant in the room and if we don’t address it, America will be consumed with hate (again). I wish I could say I was afraid, but I’m not. I have seen the hate, I’ve experienced the subtle racism, and I’m prepared for the overt racism. I’m preparing for the worse because no matter how I vote, Blacks are a tiny slither of the vote. White voters must do better. They have no reason to. You and I are on the list of the racist hunters. They aren’t, therefore, nothing will change.

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