Thank you for reading and I see we definitely have the same views on the Democratic Party, White feminism, politics, and seeking alternatives in this difficult political environment. We cannot afford to sleep in 2020. This may be the last chance to save America and ourselves. I have some inside scoops on how the government works so I try to share them without spilling all the tea (lol), but if people would pay attention to the politicians and their entanglements they’d certainly make better decisions.

While I know the way we discovered the DNC was corrupt is inappropriate, the truth of the matter still stands, the Dems are just as corrupt as the GOP, and we can’t trust them. We also can’t sit back and thinking they are going to save us from the GOP or Trump, right now they have the ability to make things a lot worse for us with their arrogance and gloating. They all are evil, we just have to pick the one that hurts us the least. I’m voting for the best person, like I have most times. I hope the Dems listen to Black women voters in 2020. We warned them about Hillary and they didn’t listen. Had they selected Bernie, we wouldn’t have orange cheetoh head right now. Major indicators were ignored thanks to greedy feminists.

People want to blame Bernie’s peeps, voters who supported third-party candidates, and those who stayed home, but I think it’s fair to say we could blame White women and White feminists for Trump. White women who disliked Hillary but believed their right to vote was important voted for Trump. Feminists ignored the polls and got behind Hillary because Blacks had the White House, now it was time for a White woman to be President. They were wrong, which is why I don’t look to them as proper guidance for who can beat Trump. If anything, it makes me look in the opposite direction.

Their motives are not pure. Follow them if you want, and Trump will be back again! There are plenty of men (and women) who don’t want a female president in both parties, so feminists need to come to terms with that.

Feminist had to have a woman (since they had their first Black they believed it was now their time) so they wrongly ordained Hillary Clinton. They are back trying that shit again pushing a female candidate (gotta be a woman), and we are going to get the same results. Their motives are wrong, and that’s why we are going to lose in 2020 if the DNC follows them up with their nonsense.

I’m happy to see you can see systemically, and you don’t have political amnesia. I wish more people could develop that skill, especially people of color.

Thank you for your military service Sis. I appreciate your unknown sacrifices to protect us, even those ungrateful racists who would never serve or enlist their children to protect us because that’s beneath them.

The Black and Brown women are the mules of the world.

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