Thank you for reading and posing your question. My essay is kind of a read between the lines guide, but I do realize not all allies are
clear on what needs to be done to combat white power may not be clear. I’m also not sure if allies will be comfortable with my view on what needs to happen. Just listening to generic/canned responses from so-called “progressive” candidates in 2019, I am almost certain they along with moderate White folks don’t want to hear the suggestions I have.

Everything I propose would mean Whiteness loses something, and they aren’t that invested in making things right where Black folks are concerned in my opinion.

Electing one Black President will not correct the inequities and disparities created by the last 44, and to some extent President Obama as well. As much as I am proud of America electing one Black man to be President of this nation, it’s not enough. Besides, President Obama continued the same trends, policies, and patterns of status quo governance as former White Presidents. He didn’t reform the system, he continued the existing systems and institutions that have kept so many of us in perpetual bondage.

He sort of committed to not rocking the boat for Whites early in his campaign which is why so many Whites voted for him. Obama was a feel good story to make Whites feel good (kind of like the movie Green Book). Whites can’t see beyond the vote. They don’t look to see if or how we evolved. We being Black folks. Who is better off because we had one Black President vs who is better off with 44 White presidents?

If Obama had the ability and willingness to tear down America’s racially biased institutions and systems that’s needed for equity, most Whites would have never voted for him. Taking anything from Whites to distribute to others to make right 400 years of wrong, inequity, inequality, and injustice…well let’s just say White people aren’t having any of it. White Americans don’t even believe in reparations and reconciliation for taking American Indian territories. And the little they do give, they talk about it as if it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

Getting White people to relinquish anything of substance necessary for equity is a problem, which is why there needs to be a power shift. Lifetimes of racial preferences in favor of Whiteness, selfishness and biases (explicit and implicit) doesn’t go away with a vote, march, protest, or legislation. If it did we wouldn’t have to keep fighting the same fights. The problem is the judgements (and solutions) of most White people are severely flawed. Sacrificing for others is limited to giveaways and tokenism (social programs, bill/legislation).

Dealing with the root causes is something White male politicians in both parties have conditioned and trained Whites to think of others as problematic or charity. White people in power (aka the majority) never see themselves as the sources of all of America’s problems.

This is why a White power outage is necessary to correct what’s wrong.

For example, if White people are in power in any institution, government positions, corporations (i.e. human resources), policing, justice systems, educational (pre-k up to postsecondary and higher), voter registration offices, child welfare, social and economic programs, etc. where there is evidence of bias (implicit or explicit) in favor of Whiteness and White Supremacists, that power should be relinquished immediately to another group in this country, state, localities, etc., and they be allowed to govern for say… 200 years.

Just kidding, but seriously, the underserved and underrepresented should be allowed to govern and make decisions that impact them in positive, meaningful, sustainable ways.

For instance, why should a White GOP voter registration head be allowed to help the GOP/Dem cheat Black folk and Indians out of their right to choose who they want to represent them via gerrymandering and poll purging for decades, and our government (the Supreme Court) refuses to make those who do wrong at the state level do the right thing. This person and organizations which drive her to make racially biased decisions deserve to lose power to the group/groups disenfranchised if its discovered her decisions were based on explicit Black/Brown biases and White preferences.

White people typically don’t really understand how these types of decisions, tricks, imbalanced power dynamic stifle opportunities (and money) for underserved minority citizens.

We lose lose power. We have no power. We are consistently kept without power in a variety of ways.

White people tend to not see this, instead making everything about themselves. Instead of considering who wasn’t given the opportunity to vote to select their local/state representatives (which is far more important), they choose to focus on the symbolic focal point (POTUS Obama). How many communities were gentrified last year? How many poor schools were closed due to No Child Left Behind? Where are they? How many are represented by someone who doesn’t have the same values because of gerrymandering? How many Black people were discriminated against by White people while job seeking? White people seem uninterested in solving systemic/institutional problems. Why is that?

What about community policing (and justice). I live in a predominately upper class White and Hispanic community and I see drunks driving, kids doing drugs, underage drinking, and all sorts of things poor folks can’t get a way with in their communities, yet there is not the same level of policing, arrests, suspicions, plans to catch “aggressive drivers,” kids driving recklessly, etc. Police should police all White communities the way they police Black and minority communities. Maybe if they did perhaps they would reduce the number of mass shootings. Since they don’t the police (who are overwhelmingly White in force nationally) don’t deserve to police. Overhaul the entire system, and make Whiteness relinquish the power over the criminal justice system they’ve wielded for centuries.

There are too many examples I can give about what can be done. What I do know is there are more White people in favor of doing nothing or allowing things to remain the same instead of changing. I just wanted to make a point to detail how systems and institutions are tainted, broken, and beyond repair. White people did it, and White people should fix it, but they won’t.

And since they won’t, they shouldn’t have any power.

I write intelligent, unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people, and White Supremacy. White Fragility🚫|

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