Thank you for reading Bemused Observer. I agree. Have you read the book “There Will Be No Miracles Here” by Casey Gerald? Omg he speaks to the fact that Blacks and Whites don’t get it. The Obama’s are rare, not the norm. President Obama’s would have never been what he is today without the financial support and guidance from his well-to-do White grandparents. Pulling yourself up by the bootstraps is an insult when there are no structures and institutions dedicated to doing what our government asks Blacks to do.

You are right in your assessment, and right about Black people don’t get it. They really do not understand how this system works. They are very busy giving the appearance they are equal, and spending all of their money trying to do it. We are house poor, car poor, bank account poor, job poor…just poor. No matter the basket we place our eggs in, the damn basket has a whole in the bottom of it.

Anytime we are given something, it’s conditional, comes with strings, and works to keep us from getting ahead. You’re good if you can figure out a way to get by the overreach, intrusion and oppression unscathed.

Black people do not understand how this thing works, so please don’t be angry and frustrated. I have learned it takes us 2–3 years to receive a word like this message, then a few more years to mobilize to do something. By the time we figure things out…we are already left behind. We have a few problems. All we can do is teach those who have ears to hear, eyes to see, and a spirit to move. You can’t worry about the lazy and the ignorant. We must keep teaching. We cannot be tired.

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