Thank you for reading Gus. It’s not that I am inciting war, I’m simply pointing out that all of these factions are about power. Men, globally, maintain the majority of power and wealth. Women are left out and simply would like to have a share to address some of our needs, common needs that too many men don’t give a crap about.

Speaking about America now, White men run everything. State legislatures, Congress, every branch of the military, most federal cabinet positions, television networks, financial systems, Wall Street, etc.

White women began with the women’s suffrage movement, which eventually evolved into feminism. Women of color were invited to fight for more rights, better pay, some privilege (at least equal to that of White women), and a little more power. Well, Women of Color have helped White women with the feminist movement and they achieved more power, more privilege and more wealth. They did not bring Black and Native Women into the fold, sharing in the fruits of our labors. We are simply saying….hey after all these decades of White women not only moving up, getting more power and money it not transferring laterally, we are done. We see the pattern, and it’s no different inside of the feminist movement than it is fighting in general with the army of rich, wealthy White men outside of it.

We are simply calling out the truth about feminism and how stalled and stale it is. We no longer have the time or patience to be their pet tokens. The movement is not progressive. Its not a movement of equality and inclusion . It’s a movement of mostly White feminist women who pretend (or perhaps believe) they are inclusive, when in fact they are as power hungry, abusive and cut throat the White men make the same allegations against.

No sex wars here…Women of Color are trying to plan for our future with less everything, and addressing issues White women can’t seem to comprehend.

While they are worried about reproductive rights, many of are underemployed, having trouble paying for college, and not having any run ins with cops. Our issues and needs are so vastly different from White women, but they don’t seem to get it! So why follow them? We have no power. It’s them…and us.

It is what it is. This system of things.

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