Thank you for reading K. Worthen, and you are absolutely correct in your assessment of how much we impact people and their destiny. My statement was referring to impact in context with religions. Religion may cause someone to act differently, enabling them to perform “practical” acts leaving the recipient of the act impressed or impacted. It’s not like religion or praying that necessarily did it anything (for some people maybe it is, but that’s not what I’m thinking about), it’s the act. We are human, we respond to acts.

I think anyone has the ability to make an impact using practical acts and gifts which could come in the form of tangible trinkets (money, clothes, meals, a ride, babysitting, a job reference, a free drink, or returning a cart for you at the grocery store), or perhaps intangible forms (like a kind word during troubled times or by imparting wisdom about life with no prompts). The key to having an impact in my opinion is simply being practical. People respond to something they can use in their lives. I would appreciate a great conversation about life experiences that would help me be a better person over an offer to pray for food that I have to pay for with my own money. But that’s just me lol.

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