Thank you for reading PunitaWrites . Your story is my story. My sons, living in upper middle class communities, being in classes and spaces and being asked how I got there is the norm for all people of color, we often don’t talk about it. As you’ve said when we try to talk about it, our friends turn us off…because it’s always about their emotions, right? They turn us off because it’s too close to home.

Your story raising your sons struck a cord, because I had to become a fierce advocate for them to get them into adulthood with minor scrapes and bruises. I’ve lived what you lived, and I don’t wish it upon any mother. It’s hurts when you sons come home and share all the racist things White kids say to them. The racist things White kids learn in their homes and spaces. No matter what we do, we must prepare always be prepared for racism.

I think we (Blacks, People of Color) are all struggling with internalized Whiteness and racism. We’re unhappy. We’re uncomfortable. We’re tired. We’re stressed.

American racism makes us chase status for acceptance, except it never works that way. We leave behind our culture to achieve their statuses, but they never leave behind the racism that drove us to chase their labels and statuses in the first place. We are chasing our own nightmares.

Hence, all those stupid questions. Everything in America and I do mean everything is rooted in race/racism. Blacks and other People of Color understand this. The ones who can’t seem to get the memo are the roots of the evil. We must make them recognize their behavior. These microaggressions pile up, and by the time we’re 50 years old, we can write a book. All Black and Brown people can tell the same story about Whiteness, and that’s a shame.

Thanks for reading. I really enjoy your insights. I feel like we know each other well lol. I’m sorry for us, but maybe one day someone will create a cure for racism (and stupidity). Quickly, lol.

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