Thank you for reading Sam McKenzie Jr.. These leaders honor silence because they are all dirty and as bad as the current leader, just in different ways (G.W. Bush lied about 9/11 and Iraq, his father lied to us into about the first Gulf War = they really got control over oil and poppy fields, Clinton=NAFTA and racist/biased policing policies, Regan- Iran/Contra Affair, Obama- Bank Bailouts, allowing Russians to hack the hell out of us). Many of the presidential records regarding this bullshit have been sealed or labeled top secret/classified so that a generation or 2 can die off before we find out what really happened.

You can’t sweep around someone else front door before you clean up your own house, and they all have skeletons in their closets they don’t want to fall out. Our government is so corrupt. And every leader selected to be President has blood on his hands. So, that’s what the code of silence is about. Besides, they get paid royally to aid in enslaving us. No one ever walks away from the presidency broke, no matter how poor they were coming into the White House.

Our leaders here in America are no different than current or former corrupt leaders of Russia, Ukraine, Libya, Iraq, Colombia, Somalia, Nigeria, etc. Our leaders lie to our faces, steal from us right under our noses, use propaganda on us, and discard us like trash when they are all finished. They get to go off into the sunset jet setting while we are figuring out how we are going to get a piece of bread to prevent starvation.

I expect no solids from President Obama. He is as dirty as Bill Clinton, George Bush 1 &2 and his brother (remember the FL debacle), Reagan, Henry Kissinger, Bob Dole, leaders of the Bilderburg Group, and the list goes on. President Trump is no accident my friend. Neither is the silence of former and current leaders.

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