Thank you for reading this Sherry Kappel. Unfortunately, I published it before it was ready (the Publish button is close to the tags and I can’t undo this), I was in the process of editing it. Not my proudest moment to say the least, especially since I can’t “unpublish” the darn thing (lol). I appreciate you taking the time to read through the imperfection to see my heart. I really feel bad for being such a holly roller, but this entire journey has helped me to develop a closer relationship with queer men while understanding sexuality. We all have a lot of preconceived notions about gender and sexuality tied to religious rules and cultural norms that are steeped in tradition and very difficult to break away from. Too many people are infatuated with other people’s bedrooms making all of us miserable.

I have to go back to revising this live piece of work 😨. Just terrible I say… Thank you so much for understanding! You’re a real trooper and I love you for it.

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