Thank you for reading, your concern, and your comment. I’m not sure why you assume racism and rudeness can’t go together, and why I, a Black woman almost 50 years old who has survived Jim Crow, don’t know the difference.

I grew up in the South. The bedrock of segregation, Slave Codes, Black Laws, and overt racism. I know the difference between some being rude and some who is rude and intolerant because of my race. I know what implicit biases are. I know many White people have them, even good ones. I just don’t understand why people consistently underestimate how implicit racial biases don’t play a role in behaviors. As long as we question victims and don’t investigate the underlying reasons for the behavior, we will continue to be disrespected and abused.

I’m sure some of these people are rude. Why is that? Why do they have the privilege of being rude with zero punishment at work, school, in the streets, in politics? And why can’t other people understand the optics of White Privilege being rude? Everyone doesn’t have the privilege of being rude, especially to White women. Not without punishment.

This is the struggle victims deal with. Convincing others invisible racial microaggressions actually happens is really frustrating because non-Blacks will rationalize it with intent. Almost every time. It’s okay to question or doubt someone. But to tell us we’re exaggerating when we experience this every day is painful.

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